Lash Lift

If we can perm her hair, why not our eyelashes? This new and innovative product allows your lashes curl with no harm to your eyelashes. The lash lift works perfectly with all of our LashForever products and complements the semi permanent mascara quite well.

The semi permanent mascara is essentially the perfect coat of daily waterproof mascara that will last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks with proper care. Just like shellac for your nails, semi permanent mascara needs to be removed and reapplied after 2 to 4 weeks.

LashForever’s formula is designed to make your eyes appear brighter, larger and glamorous! You can achieve the same curl you would when using an eyelash curler, but without the chance of damage. Your lash lift will curl your lashes lasting anywhere from 8-10 weeks.

Are you afraid your natural lashes might not be long enough for the service? We recommend the use of revive7 one month before treatment as this natural growth serum will activate and stimulate hair growth. Within 7 to 14 days you’ll notice a difference applying your daily mascara and you’ll achieve maximum results after 30 to 40 days of use.

  • Course Information

    • 1 Day Training Course
    • $750
  • Course Content

    • Introduction of Classic Lash Theory.
    • Hair Theory, Allergies and Infection Control.
    • Proper Application Procedures, and Corrective Techniques.
    • Keys to Success.
    • Consultation.
    • Product Knowledge.
    • Lash Lift Application.
    • Eyelash Shampooing & Why We Do It.
    • Pricing Menu.
  • Day 1

    • Theory
    • Product Knowledge
    • Station Set up
    • Consulation
    • Model #1
    • Lunch
    • Model # 2
  • Lash Lift Kit

    • Lift kit
    • Tweezers
    • Eye pads
    • Mascara wands
    • Micro swabs
    • Tape
    • Primer
    • Jade stone

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*Earnings vary depending on location / All based on a 5 day work week.