Permanent eyeliner is available in many different colours and the thicknesses.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is great for woman on the go, the active or sporty woman or just those that require help with applying symmetrical eyeliner that won’t smear or smudge. Permanent eyeliner is available in many different colours and the thicknesses. It would completely depend on the look our client is trying to achieve as it is very client specific. Pigment is inserted into the dermal layer around your lash line to create a crisp “eyeliner” effect. There are two different styles of eyeliner enhancements.

  1. Full Eye Liner – Traditional upper and lower liner. This involves implanting pigment onto the lid in a straight line. Some clients request there eyeliner to be more wide on the outer corner, commonly known as winged liner. This technique is generally 2-4 times the thickness of a lash enhancement.
  2. Eyelash Enhancement – Lash line enhancement is quite different from the “Full Lid Liner” technique. The lash enhancement is meant to strengthen the lash line to create the illusion of thicker and longer lashes. Pigment will be inserted into a thin line directly throughout the lash line.

Benefits of Permanent Eyeliner

  • Beneficial if you have a difficult time applying conventional makeup due to shaky hands, arthritis or poor eyesight.
  • If you have lost your natural lashes due to a health condition or post chemotherapy.
  • If you suffer from an allergic reaction to conventional makeup or have skin sensitivities.
  • If you live an active lifestyle (swimming, hot yoga, exercise ext.)
  • If your eyes naturally run. Avoid the dreaded racoon eyes by the day’s end.

Eyeliner Pricing

Upper Eyeliner

  • $350

Lower Eyeliner

  • $300

Upper / Lower Combo

  • $600

Touch Ups

  • Upper Liner / $99
  • Lower Liner / $60
  • Combo / $150